Color: Blu

Classic lace-up sneaker 
Buffalo skin with natural finish 
Crescent seam on the underside 
Church's logo tab and leather passer-by 
Church's logo on the gambino 
Padded heel for added comfort 
Waxed cotton laces 
Blind eyes 
Tone-on-tone rubber sole 
Inner lining for maximum durability and comfort 
Church's badge on the insole

Mirfield adopts the Church's handcrafted construction and applies it to everyday sneakers. Our best-selling sneaker, this casual shoe is made of luxurious leather and features fine-tuned details such as discreet hand stitching and contrasting profile. It's extremely comfortable thanks to its wide fit, padded heel and breathable canvas lining, but it's not just for relaxing days. The sneaker pairs well with the suits, adding rich shades with a natural nuanced effect. Finished with a thick studded rubber sole and the Church's signature grated on the tongue.

Select a smaller half size than your normal size.

Composition: 100% Skin

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