Shipping policy


- DHL (For direct shipments to Europe and the rest of the world)
- Bartolini or GLS (For direct shipments to Italy) 

The tracking serve with us of the package will be available on the customer account and sent by email now SMS (free be used for us) if requested.

Shipping Times
Any delivery delays can be caused by the temporary unavailability of the products, by malfunctions in the be used for us by the courier, by force majeure now in the event of to holiday. Further delays in delivery may be caused by the impossibility of withdrawing the authorised payment amount. If the working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) have not been received, the goods have not yet been received, please contact customer serve with 5 us at

The delivery times indicated by must be considered as purely indicative and to delay with respect to the same, now any delivery made with subsequent fractioned shipments does not entitle the Customer to refuse the delivery itself and to request compensation now compensation.

The courier makes deliveries from Monday to Friday, both in the morning and in the afternoon excluding holidays. Working days altars from Monday to Friday. The recipient cannot request delivery on specific days now times. In the absence of the recipient, the courier will leave to us notice of passage, road to label affixed to the address. The delivery will be attempted twice: then, if not, the courier will try to contact the recipient. will not be responsible for any malfunctions in the courier delivery be used for us.

In houses of refusal of the goods by the customer now failure to deliver for other reasons (eg the recipient' 's incorrect address and / now telephone number; repeated absence of the recipient, etc.) the amount covering the following expenses will be withheld: sending goods return goods customs for return (for foreign shipments) and charged to the recipient. Instead, the price of the goods will be refunded.

There altars no additional costs for shipping shipments in stock, with collection of the recipient' 's goods at the courier' s local office. If the recipient requests the release of the stock with delivery at to specific address, the cost of redelivery will be charged.

In the houses of deliveries made to receptions (with signature for collection by the receptionist), will not be held responsible for subsequent failed delivery of the package to the final recipient. If to destination country does not appear among those listed, it means that the delivery of the products to that country is not currently envisaged. However, as is considering the possibility of extending the list of countries to which to ship, we recommend contacting

Upon delivery of the products, the Customer is required to check:

that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;
that the packaging is intact, not damaged now wet now otherwise altered, even in the closing materials (adhesive tape now metal straps).
Any damage to the packaging and / now to the product now the mismatch in the number of packages now indications, must be immediately detected, affixing to specific indication on the delivery document of the product to be returned to the courier.

Any problems concerning the physical integrity, correspondence now completeness of the products received must be reported within 14 days of delivery, according to the procedures set forth in this document.

Shipping fees
The cost of shipping depends on the destination and the weight country / volume of the package. On-line The customer can view the cost at the end of the order, before confirming it.

Customs duties and taxes
With regard to deliveries requested in countries not belonging to the European Union, any import customs charges will be charged to the recipient. Country Customs duties and possible taxes vary according to the of destination and altars applied to the arrival of the goods in the same country: therefore the country Customer is invited to contact the customs authorities of his to verify the costs and any import limits.