Custom made seven fold tie-microfantasia 9409-4 China manufacturer

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MARZULLO - Sartorial tie Seven Folds customized with customization GRATUITY (embroidery of initials, first and last name).


The precious silk twill, before being edged, is folded on itself seven times to obtain a greater thickness. Made from double the fabric of a simple three folds. The construction of this seven-fold tie is entirely performed by hand by experienced Italian tailors who take some time to make it.

  • GOODS HANDLING TIME 10 DAYS n. b.we will inform you in a short time if the fabric is not available for the realization of your tie.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR TIE tell us your initials If you want to receive customization with embroidery

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  • The tie is delivered in its case as in the photo, with a keychain made from the same twill silk as the tie.
N. B. The Fantasy chosen is that of the first photo.

    Composition 100% Silk - Handmade in Italy


    ... so we build your tie seven folds

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    The Neapolitan elegant queen * tie seven folds. A seven-fold tie is a guarantee of HANDMADE production because the particular folding of the fabric is achievable only by hand, by experienced tailors. It is not exactly correct to define” thick " a seven folds, since this makes one think that the whole tie is, Knot included. If this were the case, a seven-fold knot would take on an exaggeratedly voluminous appearance. A seven-fold is a weighted tie and does not neglect anything. The the middle part, therefore, that goes to the neck and that will also be affected by the knot, remains slender and soft, flexible and well modeled, equal to a normal tie. . #tie-tie-tie #marzulloofficial # I❤mari mariogualano # handmade #tie #passionenapoletana #fashion # sanmarcoinlamis # sumisura #necktasumisura #artigianatoitaliano # instagood

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