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... was born in the Tuscan lands way back in 1975. All-Italian manufacturing, research into the treatments of the skins and updated fit, make Stewart a winning brand on the market. Each garment has an ancient and true history, the craftsmanship linked to the tradition of the country, the vintage taste, makes each garment unique and authentic...

Stewart - Mario Gualano

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Brown GNOU215SLC4SMZF bomberBrown GNOU215SLC4SMZF bomber
Brown GNOU215SLC4SMZF bomber Sale price€918,00
Brown GNOU195SLC5C1ZF bomberBrown GNOU195SLC5C1ZF bomber
Brown GNOU195SLC5C1ZF bomber Sale price€918,00
Bomber GNEU469SCPCOPZF00020 dark brownBomber GNEU469SCPCOPZF00020 dark brown
Bomber GNEU469SCPCOPZF00020 blueBomber GNEU469SCPCOPZF00020 blue