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C.P. Company

The Chester Perry brand was born in 1971 from Massimo Osti. The name is the same as the factory where Bristow, the hero of Frank Dickens' comic worked ...

With his experience as a graphic designer, he immediately created a peculiar communication style for his company: the toy car, the posters with pop graphics and other accessories to be offered as a tribute to shopkeepers.For the printing of T-shirts, jackets and shorts, Massimo used methods that at the time were adopted almost exclusively for the paper: he made abundant use of the photocopier, of the placed screen printing and of the four-color process.

Massimo also began to experiment with garment dyeing although it has existed for a long time, Massimo Osti and his collaborators were the first to use it on garments made with different fibers or fabrics. In 1978 Massimo decided to change the name from Chester Perry to C.P. Company, in '79 the C.P. Company transformed the mountaineers' nylon down jacket into a city jacket. The down jacket became an irreplaceable alternative to the wool coat which, until the 1970s, was the dominant winter jacket style in Italian cities. The starting point of C.P. The company for the transformation was the replacement of nylon, the material of which these jackets were usually made, with a more refined fabric: an extremely light and soft gabardine was subjected to a treatment to make it resistant to water ...


C.P. Company

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