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He was born in London in 1851, under the name John Emary.Two years later, it transforms into Aquascutum along with the birth of the new waterproof fabric. An internationally renowned British company focused on the production of raincoats, the brand's name comes from Latin and means"water shield". A fabric and a name that proved very suitable especially given the weather of English weather. The history of the Regent Street brand has its roots in the distant Crimean War and the siege of Sevastopol, when raincoats were used by the British army to protect soldiers. At that time, the Aquascutum had a strict military style, were ankle-length and adorned with straps, quickly becoming known even among the gentlemen of the time who began to wear them making them find a place in time men's wardrobe. Later, during World War II, the brand became an official manufacturer for the men of the Royal Air Force, patenting Wyncol D.711, the nylon-mixed cotton raincoat. In the 1950s, it introduced an iridescent cotton gabardine and the inner lining of satin or flannel and a little later expanded its production to new ready-to-wear models. Today Aquascutum is renowned for producing elegant and luxurious waterproof clothing. Worn by politicians, but also Hollywood actors such as Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Michael Caine.


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