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Andrea D'amico

Andrea D'Amico is the creative driving force behind the brand, with more than thirty years of experience in the world of luxury menswear, managing a team and an ever-expanding company. In 1991, he started his business and in 1996, he intertwined with Fiammetta Martelli, from the knitwear and textile skit, who became a partner and head of the Style and Product Office, allowing Andrea to increase his business skills, in the European markets International.

D'AMICO creates a line of belts and accessories that combine the beauty of high quality and Made in Italy style, the technical tricks of artisanal workmanship symbol of creativity and excellence, thus managing to create Collections with a strong context urban and modern, distinguishing itself for the meticulous study of design...


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Stock exchange TOKYO AVU0123 redStock exchange TOKYO AVU0123 red
Bag 48h AVU0127 blueBag 48h AVU0127 blue
Bag 48h AVU0127 blue Sale price€325,00
48h Sport Bag AVU0168 blue48h Sport Bag AVU0168 blue
48h Sport Bag AVU0168 blue Sale price€410,00
AVU0125 Grey AVU0125 BagAVU0125 Grey AVU0125 Bag
AVU0125 Grey AVU0125 Bag Sale price€300,00
Belt ACU1918 Gray-BlueBelt ACU1918 Gray-Blue
Belt ACU1918 Gray-Blue Sale price€89,00
Belt ACU0552
Belt ACU0552 Sale price€75,00
Belt 88007
Belt 88007 Sale price€89,00
Belt 84140
Belt 84140 Sale price€79,00
Belt 79463Belt 79463
Belt 79463 Sale price€149,00
Belt ACU1918 Grigio-BeigeBelt ACU1918 Grigio-Beige
Belt ACU1918 Grigio-Beige Sale price€89,00
AVU0120 bagAVU0120 bag
AVU0120 bag Sale price€200,00
AVUB008 BagAVUB008 Bag
AVUB008 Bag Sale price€215,00
AVUT003 bagAVUT003 bag
AVUT003 bag Sale price€145,00
Bag AVUU013Bag AVUU013
Bag AVUU013 Sale price€225,00