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Anderson's builds belts in the city of Parma for over 50 years. The company was founded by Carlo Valenti, one of a long series of Parma pellettieri. The factory (and the people who worked) were quickly established for quality and craftsmanship. Known for the multicolored braided belt, immediately established itself on the market as a proposal company ...

Anderson's - Mario Gualano

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Belt B0667N37PL18AF2817 ropeBelt B0667N37PL18AF2817 rope
Belt B0667N37PL18AF2817 rope Sale price€89,00
Belt A1981VPL262AF2477 black
Belt A1981VPL262AF2477 black Sale price€98,00
Belt A1981VPL01AF2477 blue
Belt A1981VPL01AF2477 blue Sale price€109,00